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Profiles in Construction

Profiles in Construction

Kevin Marszalek, Co-op Student

Mohawk College, School of Architectural Design, Class of 2023
Cooperative Education Intern | King William Towers, Hamilton, ON, CANADA

SG Constructors (SGC) would like to recognize and thank our cooperative education intern, Kevin Marszalek, for all of his many valuable contributions as he nears the completion of his first placement with us. Kevin is a student in Mohawk College’s School of Architectural Technology, and has very quickly risen to the challenges of learning a new role – and industry – through his work within our project management group on the high-profile King William Towers project in Hamilton.

We would also like to take this opportunity to extend an offer for him to return for his next workplace co-op term in September 2021, and continue our growth together.

SG Constructors believes in the role of cooperative education programs as an important part of the development of talented students, and a way to advance the industry as a whole. At SGC, we constantly remind people of this incredibly telling statistic that speaks to the enduring stereotypes about careers in construction.

By the time children reach the second grade 80% may not know what they want to do for a living – but, an equal or greater percentage know that they don’t want to work in construction. At SG Constructors, we ask why. Let’s hear from Kevin:

Kevin, what led you to the business of construction?

“My family comes from Poland, and I, along with many of my relatives worked in the trades and land development industries within a country that is undergoing incredible growth and change to the skylines of major cities and towns. Construction has been something that has been on my mind, if not in my blood, I guess you can say.”

Tell us about how you chose your school program?

“I have always been creative, and since a young age spent a lot of time illustrating and drawing and also loved technology. As I got older and thought about finding a career that I would love, I looked into architectural design and applied to the program at Mohawk College. This program really appealed because it brought the creative and technical together with the chance to apply it in an industry that always seems to have demand for these skills.”

What is one of the bigger learnings that you have had from your experience at SG Constructors?

“I guess the biggest thing, that I learned first hand, is just how complex a job-site can be. After completing my safety orientation I was guided on and through the site, and I was a bit overwhelmed if I am being honest. With something as big as the King William Towers in Hamilton, it is hard for someone like me who is just starting out in construction to understand how everything comes together to get it built, and built to so many very precise specifications.

So, I guess that the biggest thing that I have learned so far is that it really comes down to how critical the role of expert project management is. They are like conductors of an orchestra performing a really, really complex piece of music in front of a very large audience“

So, what’s next?

“I am certainly going to complete my program at Mohawk College, and hopefully, return to SG Constructors for my next placement term in September 2021. But looking beyond that, and perhaps one of the best things about the Cooperative program – is that through work placement, you get the chance to have these experiences intelligently guide the next steps in your schooling and career while studying. I met a lot of great professionals during my first placement at SG, and I have started to think about continuing in my studies by enrolling in a Civil Engineering program. But who knows – time and experiences will tell”