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At SG Constructors, we teach and incentivize our staff and stakeholders to think and ‘act’ like owners. We practice a truly owner-centric approach to ‘curated construction’.

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When contemplating how we approach service, we looked to the world’s most recognizable leader in customer service, brand loyalty and lifetime customer value.

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At SG Constructors, we act as if we are owners — and that makes all the difference in the world for our clients.

Our unique approach adds value, saves money, and ensures quality at every step. We are at the owner’s side from the very beginning, asking the question: “Does this make sense?” In fact, we like to be there from design and land procurement, to shovel in the ground and handover of the first key.

When you act like an owner, you watch every dollar, you search for every possible landmine and you insist upon value-for-money and quality. After all, reputation is everything and SG Constructors is proud of the name we are building in an industry that often sees “cheaper and faster” as better. We disagree. Through each phase we think about the owner, the operator and the end user.

The expert team at SG Constructor brings decades of experience in the construction industry and serves as a partner for the owner who can oversee every aspect of the development to watch for pitfalls, roadblocks, unnecessary expenditures and crippling delays. When an owner starts to look at a property, we like to be at their side, advising them of unseen landmines or potential windfalls that can have a direct and significant impact down the road. We see the positives and we watch out for the negatives on behalf of all of our project partners.

We work side-by-side with the 40 to 50 trades required for each job and ensure they are pursuing best strategies for cost-effective pricing on materials that may be needed years into the future. Yes, it’s much more work for us, but it saves money for the owner and eliminates headaches before they can materialize.

Our relationships are sound; Our results are built on integrity and quality service.

We also look for added value for owners beyond the build – whether it’s the capacity to install hydroponic greenhouses in parking garages, drone delivery capabilities on rooftops, EV charging stations, or co-generation facilities on-site. We are building the future together.
Put simply, we treat the property like it’s going to be our home, our building, or our space, safeguarding the design from start to finish. The values and priorities we embrace provide owners, designers, and clients (such as municipalities) with a peace-of-mind that sets SG Constructors apart from its peers.

Evolve or get left behind. The industry is ever-changing and we choose to be leaders and work with our clients and partners to build the future, together.