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By the time children reach the second grade, 80% may not know what they want to do for a living – but, an equal or greater percentage know that they don’t want to work in construction. We ask “Why?”

We aspire to be agents of change and steward attitudinal change inside and out of our industry. It is a tough goal, but one we are mindful of with not just every role we fill here at SG Constructors but also through every project and the hundreds of thousands of people we interact with in completing them.

We believe that diversity is a source of strength and how we can continue to succeed, differentially. Whether we have active roles open or posted, please send us a note expressing your interest, along with your CV and a link to your linkedIN profile, to begin a conversation about joining our team. Although we are company within the construction business, we are not a traditional ‘construction company’, and consider backgrounds from both inside and outside the overall sector, so let’s get connected.

The Stainton Group is an equal opportunity that values diversity and seeks to be consistently recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, Top Employers, and ‘Best Places to Work’.

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