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When contemplating how to approach service, we looked to the world’s most recognizable leader in customer service, brand loyalty, and lifetime customer value.

The goal of providing ‘the highest-level service’ has become convenient parlance for almost every operationally sound business that has customers, in any industry. While this is still something that we are committed to consistently achieve, we have defined a hierarchical service model that we meticulously practice and ‘live’ each day. Ok, we didn’t define it but rather we adapted, augmented and adopted it…because that was the smart thing to do.

When carefully contemplating how we approach service, we learned about what has been proven to work – and work best – and looked to the world’s most recognizable leader in customer service, brand loyalty and relative lifetime customer value. The Disney Corporation.; Suprised? Don’t be.

The Disney Corporation, has not only been long considered a standard-setting leader in customer service and their success has created a wholly separate practice (The Disney Institute) of teaching some of the worlds most respected companies and their management teams how to adapt Disney’s service model ‘traditions’ into their own ‘trade’; regardless of industry type or customer size.

In Disney’s terms and vernacular, we ‘dreamed’ and imagined a better way to approach the business of construction and believed that we could do it…and here we are daring to to do it. We could spend hours explaining this – and we have spent weeks, months and years learning how – but what this means for the SG Constructors and our clients is the development, belief and practice of a highly engrained employee-wide service model that that respects the four hierarchal keys of safety, courtesy, ‘show’ and efficiency. And these four key service pillars are central to not only how we service but in everything that we do and why we do it differently.

And no, they’re not out of order, let us explain why the hierarchy works.