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The Four Keys

The Four Keys

The four keys are the hierarchical backbone of our service model that allows all employees and stakeholder to think and act like owners.

The four keys:

  1. Safety
  2. Courtesy
  3. Show
  4. Efficiency

The 4 K’s of Service is an ardent, and proven, Disney Corporation service model that has been adopted by SG Constructors as an unwavering standard of care and duty that must be embraced by each employee, stakeholder, and partner as part of their journey with our organization. While we have re-interpreted these principles and applied them appropriately for our industry,  they may still seem to be in an “incorrect” order – particularly ‘Efficiency’, and are worth a brief explanation with some background.

In having a service philosophy, it is important that it best ’serves’ a desired client outcome. But at its core, it is about instilling behaviors or ‘habits’ in team members that encourages rewards, enforces all to think and act like owners, and understand their purpose and not just their ‘task’.

However, in day-to-day reality, it is not rational to believe that all decisions are made under the council of management – they couldn’t be. As such, this 4K hierarchy of safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency represents a structured and ordered decision matrix that ensures that there is a process to follow for every situation, issue, or opportunity. This would ensure that an individual’s enthusiasm does not supersede them doing so as safely or as courteously as possible.

How is operational structure and stakeholder wide behavioural philosophy efficient – when efficiency is placed last in the hierarchy? Good question, and one of the first ones we asked when initially training at the Disney Institute Campus. Efficiency is achieved through not just the experience and bench strength we possess as a management collective, but through our disciplined approach that is rigorous in project planning, partner selection, best-practices process implementation, and highly active management. In short, this means planning to be efficient, actively managing delivery to achieve, and acting like owners while we do so.