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Our Approach

Our Approach

At SG Construction, by teaching, training, and incentivizing all staff and stakeholders to think and ‘act’ like owners, we are pioneering a truly owner-centric approach to a new category of Curated Construction.

Our business model is built upon updated professional management ‘traditions’ that recognize that the, ‘front line equals the bottom line’ for all stakeholders in both the short and long-term. This is not just about the people that we hire and selectively partner with, but about them understanding how their contributions matter each day. This is our culture, our approach and our methodology.

What this methodology means is not just on time at cost delivery, but also an updated, proactive service model that respects the four hierarchal keys of Safety, Courtesy, ‘Show’ and Efficiency. These key ideological ‘tenants’ are central to not only everything that we do, but why we do it differently.

Matt, along with his team of senior leaders – who collectively hold over a century of experience working with the industry’s most noteworthy and admired companies – have ‘unpacked’ these learnings and founded SG Constructors as a practical re-imagining of the business of construction with a company that has the ability to not only be proactive while remaining nimble, but truly pioneer a new category of ‘Curated Construction’ that sees beyond the short-term.