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Cobalt Safety Consulting congratulates SG Constructors on attaining “SOSE” certification

Nov 11th, 2022

Cobalt Safety Consulting congratulates SG Constructors on attaining “SOSE” certification

OAKVILLE, ON, Nov. 9, 2022 /CNW/ – Cobalt SafetyTM is pleased to announce one of its highly respected clients has received the prestigious Ontario Chief Prevention Officer Recognized Safe Employer designation.

Cobalt SafetyTM worked closely with SG Constructors Inc. (Stainton Group) to achieve the coveted SOSE certification, putting SG Constructors in an elite group of approximately two dozen employers that have attained this CPO Recognized Safe Employer recognition.

SOSE, Supporting Ontario’s Safe Employers Program, is reserved for employers that formally attain an accredited health and safety program and SOSE review, setting them apart from thousands of other companies in the province.

Supporting Ontario’s Safe Employers is a voluntary Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development program run by the Ontario Chief Prevention Officer (CPO). It promotes health and safety in the workplace and helps reduce injuries and illness. An organization recognized by the CPO often becomes eligible for financial incentives from the WSIB.

Kevin Brown, CEO of Cobalt SafetyTM, praises SG Constructors’ foundational commitment to workplace safety. “SG Constructors impressed me because it performs safety as number one among its unique four Key Pillars of business. The SOSE recognition cements them as one of the leading safe employers in Ontario and affirms their commitment to people,” Brown said.

“We assisted them in creating, implementing and achieving ISO45001:2018 certification, and together we have added SOSE to their achievements, fulfilling their Key Pillar commitment to health and safety,” added Brown.

SG Constructors CEO Matt Stainton said, “we wish to thank and recommend Kevin Brown and Cobalt SafetyTM for their professionalism and industry-leading guidance and training. His safety expertise plays a direct role in keeping thousands of workers safe every day across Canada, including those in our SG Constructors workplace family.”

The impressive combination of ISO 45001:2018 and the Ontario Ministry of Labour Chief Prevention Officer Recognition (SOSE) will allow SG Constructors to better compete in the struggle to attract new and talented workers amidst a labour shortage.

“Simply put, what company would you rather work for, one with a dedication to safety, a government-recognized safety program or someone else? By implementing ISO45001 in a company, we can achieve our primary goal at Cobalt SafetyTM of returning everyone home safely after a hard day’s work,” Brown concluded.

Cobalt SafetyTM. is an ISO 45001:2018 Certified Company, a CPO Recognized Safe Employer (SOSE), and a national safety consulting firm servicing all sectors with globally recognized clients. Cobalt Safety is led by three former inspectors of the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Kevin Brown, Jason Gordon and Michael Brown, with a team of safety professionals across Canada.

SOURCE Cobalt Safety Consulting

For further information: Kevin Brown, CEO Cobalt SafetyTM, www.cobaltsafety.ca, kevinbrown@cobaltsafety.ca

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