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Efficiency…comes last.

Feb 14th, 2022

Efficiency…comes last.

That’s right, I said it. Now it’s time to enlighten you as to why this actually works and why it is the backbone of our day-to-day approach to customer service and relationships in business…and this applies to everyone in the company.

At SG Constructors, we abide by what we call The Four Keys, but these hierarchical tenants of service are not of our own invention. In fact, we are proud to tell you that we have adopted them from perhaps the most admired customer service and experience organization in the world – The Walt Disney Company.

“The Four Keys” include the following in order of importance:

  1. Safety
  2. Courtesy
  3. Show
  4. Efficiency

If Safety is not YOUR first and most important pillar, rule, mandate, priority, or whatever you want to call it, then you should not be in this profession.

So why is Courtesy second on our list? Well, because I am a big believer in The Disney Way, a specialized approach to service and business that has proven success. Could we build something faster and cheaper, but in the process destroy/make a mess of the neighbours’ property? Yes we could, but that would not be courteous, professional, or ethical. That is why Courtesy is second.

Disney places significant stock in customer-facing interactions; make everyone feel special and leave them feeling like they matter after each and every employee contact point. They train their staff to execute this mandate.

Imagine that in construction. And I’m not just talking about “being nice” to someone. I’m talking about respect, understanding, and an authentic passion to help them succeed so they walk away feeling you value them and their stake in the project.

Here at Stainton Group, we make sure all of our people act and think like owners.

Number 3 is Show, which means be show ready – always up to speed on training, execution of your trade, and keenly aware that your behaviour and performance reflect upon the entire team. For construction, it’s also about the appearances of your site. Is it a mess? Is it chaotic? Is it clean and organized…making it both safer and more efficient?

When you place such an emphasis on good service AND you conduct yourself in an owner-centric fashion, everything else falls into place when you surround yourself by skilled professionals with experience and wisdom. It’s not a gimme. It takes work. It takes focus. It takes training.

That’s why the Disney Way works.

That’s why Efficiency is #4 on our list. Because if you do numbers 1 to 3 properly, then #4 becomes “an automatic.” It’s good practice that works exceptionally well for clients, stakeholders, employees and partners from beginning to end.

And that’s what sets SG Constructors apart from other industry players who are in-and-out, hoping to preserve that bottom line every step of the way.

We all know COVID-19 has turned the construction industry on its head. We’ve had to persevere under lockdowns, added health checks, labour shortages, price spikes for materials, and general uncertainty. At SG Constructors, we work vigorously to find ways to mitigate cost escalation. And we succeed, providing stakeholders and partners with stability.

We’ve adjusted our offering by adapting to challenges with cost of materials, labour shortages and public health pandemic mandates.

Disney Corporation’s service model that we’ve adopted demands an unwavering standard of care and duty that must be embraced by each employee, stakeholder and partner as we journey through every project.

  • Our philosophy is service.
  • Our product is excellence in construction.
  • And The Four Keys help us get there. Every time.

Matt Stainton
President & CEO, SG Constructors – The Stainton Group