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Interview with veteran TV and radio journalist Ann Rohmer

Apr 25th, 2022

An Interview With Kevin Brown, CEO of Cobalt Safety Consulting Inc.

“As we approach the April 28th Day of Mourning for workers who have died, were injured or became ill on the job, there is a heightened awareness of and attention given to the topic of safety. A topic that I discuss every day. In this interview, we spoke about the increased call for the standardization of province-to-province safety regulations amidst an urgent nationwide labour crisis within the construction industry. The patchwork of safety regs creates confusion, and complexities, and is a disservice to workers who are following the money across the country.

I am joined in the interview by construction industry expert Matt Stainton of SG Constructors who offers opinion and perspective from the side of the General Contractor and his 25-plus years of notable in construction.

Please tune in and help create awareness and safer workplaces by sharing on your network. And, as always, I welcome any comments, questions or conversations about this or any safety issue.”

Kevin Brown,
CEO Cobalt Safety Consulting Inc.

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