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SG Constructors awarded Toronto Construction Association’s (TCA) ‘Best of the Best’ Award.

Feb 16th, 2022

SG Constructors awarded Toronto Construction Association’s (TCA) ‘Best of the Best’ Award.

Yesterday SG Constructors was thrilled to receive a TCA ‘Best of the Best’ award for ambitious development of the 700 Linear Foot environmentally-sensitive LiUNA Gardens Shore Wall in Stoney Creek Ontario.

The shore wall project, designed by W.F. Baird & Associates and involved the replacement of 700 sq. ft. of existing concrete block shore wall with a naturalized armour stone shore wall. The project team faced several challenges throughout the work, including poor weather conditions, COVID-related material sourcing issues, and the sensitive nature regarding such work on the Lake Ontario shoreline. Due to the proximity to the sensitive waters’ edge of Lake Ontario, accurate survey data was critical as all work had to be executed in compliance with the Fisheries Act and the Species at Risk Act with ‘beyond-compliance’ results. This was ensured through the implementation of an extensive QA/QC and monitoring program.

Due to the 50-year lifetime design of the “in-water” portion of the wall, the design also called for Class A stones. To ensure the quality of armour stones, the team made regular visits to the quarry to ensure the stone was quarried before frost was in the ground and protected from any standing water, which could result in premature splitting. Further, with significant quantities of impact soil, the team sourced a funding grant through the Hamilton ERASE program that saved the project Owner $1 million and exceeding the ‘at-cost and on-time’ achievement on this complex job.

While any construction project requires the typical construction safety measures, working at the edge of a major body of water through the winter requires additional measures to protect the environment and keep workers safe. Through the winter, while large waves hit the site, ice quickly formed at the edge of the shoreline. The team set up additional protocols and safety measures to address a potential “in-water” incident. This procedure was practiced regularly and reviewed often. The project was completed with no First Aids and no Lost Time Injuries.

The LiUNA Gardens Shore wall project was the first phase of an ambitious redevelopment at LiUNA Gardens. This historic site was home to both the E.H Mancinelli Local 837 LiUNA Training Centre and the LiUNA Gardens Banquet Facility. The project served to prepare the 9-acre site for the construction of a large residential development, which will include four towers and several townhomes.

We love to talk about our work so please contact me if you are interested in learning more about this or any of our projects.