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Smashing Stereotypes about Construction Careers

Jul 10th, 2021

“Smashing Stereotypes about Construction Careers” – An Interview With Ann Rohmer

This week, I was given the opportunity to join Joseph Mancinelli, International VP and Central & Regional Manager for LiUNA, in an interview with notable veteran journalist Ann Rohmer.

We spoke about the critical shortage of available labour across the construction industry which has rapidly evolved into a well-paying sector offering rewarding careers, benefits, and pensions. Both Joe and I expressed our firm belief that the labour shortage stems from long-standing, grossly inaccurate stereotypes about careers in construction. We tackled the roots of the stereotypes and openly discussed solutions to shatter the misleading myths and generate excitement among a new and diverse generation of construction professionals.

Parents beware, you are part of the problem and a vital part of the solution. Joe and I sincerely hope to continue sparking this discussion to the benefit of all. Please listen, share, and stay tuned on the topic.

Click here to play the interview